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Number 5
April 2014



Dear Readers ! Welcome to the 5th issue of the OT-Med Newsletter. The key event of the last trimester was the OT-Med call for projects 2014. It has been launched in January (...) Read more


OT-Med call for projects 2014 is closed: some statistics

The OT-Med call for projects 2014 has been launched in January 2014 and closed on 10th March 2014. This year, to avoid dispersion between numerous small projects and to (...) Read more

OT-Med data catalog

The OT-Med data catalog is now available online ! This tool serves to catalog databases produced and used by OT-Med teams (within TWP1) and to gather datasets needed for (...) Read more

Presentation of the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography (MIO)

One of the member institutions of OT-Med is the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography (MIO). It is composed of members of several organizations: the CNRS, IRD, Aix Marseille (...) Read more

"Fernand Braudel" fellowships: September 2013 call: results

One 9-month « Fernand Braudel » postdoctoral fellowship on interdisciplinary global change studies co-funded by OT-Med and Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (FMSH, Paris) (...) Read more

OT-Med research articles

OT-Med research results in more and more scientific articles. It must be noted that a paper is considered as an OT-Med paper if and only if OT-Med is acknowledged. Here is the (...) Read more

“Galette de rois” OT-Med, 28th January 2014

OT-Med team organised the meeting for people involved in our project. It took place on Tuesday 28th January 2014 at 14 h in the meeting room of FORUM (ground floor), Europôle (...) Read more

The talk of Pr Robert Axtell, from George Mason University (Virginia, USA): 19th February 2014_watch the video

Professor Robert Axtell from George Mason University, Virginia, USA (during academic year 2013-2014 visiting professor at the University of Oxford, UK) was the invited (...) Read more

The talk of Pr Peter Fulé, from Northern Arizona University (School of Forestry): 3rd March 2014

OT-Med and ECCOREV have coorganized the talk of Professor Peter Fulé from Northern Arizona University (School of Forestry) entitled: " Effet du changement climatique sur les (...) Read more

The talk of Pr Eduard Reinhardt, from McMaster University (Canada): 21st March 2014

OT-Med has organized a talk of Professor Eduard Reinhardt from McMaster University (Canada) entitled: "Tsunamigenic destruction of Herod the Great’s harbor at Caesarea, Israel (...) Read more

MedNet "Mediterranean Network of environmental training sites" field schools 2013 reports

OT-Med collaborated closely with MedNet A*MIDEX project (“Mediterranean Network of environmental training sites supporting OSU Institut Pythéas master’s degrees and international (...) Read more

OT-Med participated in "Le Souk des Sciences", 26th March 2014 (pictures)

OT-Med participated in "Le Souk des Sciences" on 26th March (shopping center Avant Cap, Plan de Campagne). The aim of this event is to present the work of researchers to the (...) Read more

Coming events

The talk of Pr Ari Matmon, from Associate Professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel): 4 April 2014

Friday 4 April 2014

OT-Med has a pleasure to invite you for a talk of Professor Ari Matmon from Hebrew University of Jerusalem (...)

Find out more in... The talk of Pr Ari Matmon from Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel): 4 April 2014

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