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Number 1
February 2013



The Labex OT-Med has been selected by the Programme "Investissement d’Avenir" in February 2012. It has been first officially launched by the kick-off meeting on 13th July 2013, (...) Read more


Call for joint projects, scientific events and mobility fellowships (CLOSED)

In order to encourage collaboration between member labs of OT-Med and to boost excellence of the research of OT-Med, several calls for proposals have been launched on 1 (...) Read more

Call for post-doctoral fellowships (CLOSED)

Four post-doctoral fellowships will be soon attributed. They are offered for the young researchers interested in the fields covered by OT-Med. The duration is one year with (...) Read more

PhD fellowships

Four PhD fellowships have been attributed. A call for doctoral fellowships has been launched in end of April 2012 on the research themes of OT-Med. We have received 15 (...) Read more

OT-Med staff

OT-Med staff has been employed: Sophie Bonifay: Administrative Manager of OT-Med (started in September 2012) Morgane Soler: Account Manager of OT-Med (started in October (...) Read more

The talk of professor Walter Oechel: 6th February 2013

Walter Oechel, Professor of Biology and Director of the Global Change Research Group at the San Diego State University was the guest of OT-Med. He presented the talk entilted: (...) Read more

Conference: Climate, Ocean and Vegetation since the Last Glacial Period: 19th December 2012

Conference organised by Collège de France and OT-Med was held in the Amphitheater of CEREGE on 19th December 2012. Program Read more

OT-Med Scientific Council Meeting: 18th December 2012

The OT-Med Scientific Council met on 18th December 2012 in the Novotel hotel in Marseille. The international Scienific Council members who participated in the meeting are: (...) Read more

Opening Conference of OT-Med: 17th December 2012

Official Opening Conference of OT-Med took place on 17th December 2012 in Jardin du Pharo in Marseille. This conference, open to public, presented the main topics of OT-Med, (...) Read more

Presentation of OT-Med at the Luminy University campus (Marseille): 27 November 2012

The presentation of OT-Med project took place on 27th November 2012 at the Luminy University Campus (Marseille). The project was presented by its Director, Joël Guiot. The aim (...) Read more

Kick-off meeting of OT-Med, with official representatives: 13th July 2012

On 13th July 2012 the OT-Med kick-off meeting took place in the presence of representatives of the universities, research institutes, directors of laboratories, local (...) Read more

Pedagogical projects (HYDRARIDE field school, French-Tunisian field school, Gozo BIODIVMEX scientific workshop)

OT-Med has cofinanced several pedagogical projects: HYDRARIDE is a field school in hydrosciences and geosciences of semi-arid and arid environments: application in the basin (...) Read more

"La Provence" journal about OT-Med

After the Opening Conference of OT-Med which took place on 17th December 2012 the article was published in "La Provence" journal. Click here to read the (...) Read more

Coming events

Cofund F. Braudel post-doctoral fellowships

Sunday 31 March 2013

Call for 9-month post-doctoral fellowships on interdisciplinary global change studies is open. The Fondation Maison (...)

Find out more in... Cofund F. Braudel post-doctoral fellowships_Deadline: 31st March 2013

Presentation of OT-Med at the Saint Charles University campus (Marseille)

Thursday 7 March 2013

The presentation of OT-Med project at the Saint Charles University Campus (Aix-Marseille Université, Marseille) will (...)


Find out more in... Presentation of OT-Med at the Saint Charles University campus (Marseille)

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