Human-environmental interaction

WP3. Human-environmental interaction:
perception, adaptation and mitigation

Leaders: Olivier Chanel (GREQAM), Sylvie Thoron (GREQAM)
Contacts: (at), sylvie.thoron (at)

Overview of research themes :

  • modelling decision making in the context of risks, 
  • co-evolution of climate and societies, adaptation to climate change, 
  • comparison of international gouvernance regimes for climate and biodiversity, 
  • ​improved management of ecosystems for conservation and sustainable delivery of ecosystems.

Detailed work package description Main WP3 results

Ongoing OT-Med projects - PhD thesis

Spatial and temporal Adaptation of a traditional Mediterranean fishery facing Regional Change: COmbining history and ecoLogy to study past, prEsent and future of sponge harvesting (SACOLEVE)
 (started in 2016)

PhD student: Maia Fourt
Supervisor: Thierry Pérez (IMBE), Daniel Faget (TELEMME)
(also WP2)

Territorial management of biodiversity in a context of growing urbanization and intense interactions man‐nature. A multi-site analysis (started in 2013) 

PhD student: Nathalie Boutin 
Supervisors: Solange Hernandez (IMPGT-CERGAM), Sophie Gachet (IMBE), Pierre Batteau (CERGAM) 
(also WP2)


Role and place of the IPBES (Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services) in the Mediterranean Region (started in 2013) 

PhD student: Guillaume Futhazar 
Supervisors: Sandrine Maljean-Dubois (CERIC), Wolfgang Cramer (IMBE)



Ongoing OT-Med projects - Postdocs


Seismic hazards characterization and mitigation (started in 10.2016)

Postdoctoral fellow: Eugenie Perouse
Project leader: Lucilla Benedetti (CEREGE)

Marine submersion risk perception in Provence-Alpes-Côtes d’Azur Region (started in 05.2017)

Postdoctoral fellow: Pierre Dias
Project leaders: Raquel Bertoldo (ESPACE), Alexandra Lindenmann (ESPACE)

Both postdoctoral projects listed above are included in the RISKMED projet (OT-Med call for projects 2016): 
Natural risks in the Mediterranean : Hazard, vulnerability, perception and management (RISKMED)
Project leaders: Raquel Bertoldo (ESPACE), Lucilla Benedetti (CEREGE), Alexandra Lindenmann, (ESPACE), Lionel Siame (CEREGE) + LPED, IRSTEA

(also WP1)

Other projects


An Econometric approach to build a new calibration model for Continental TEMPerature proxy? (ECCOTEMP) (call for projects 2014) 

Project leaders: Guillemette Ménot (CEREGE), Tanguy van Ypersele (GREQAM) 
(also WP1)

Frequency of large past earthquakes in the Aegean and associated risk susceptibility. Combining cosmogenic dating, historical data, and spatial analysis (FEARS) (call for projects 2014) 

Project leader: Lucilla Benedetti (CEREGE) + ESPACE 
(also WP1)

Geosciences and risk assessment in the Morocco: a novel approach (GEO-RISK-MOR) (call for projects 2015) 

Project leaders: Laurence Vidal (CEREGE), Olivier Bellier (CEREGE) + LPED 
(also WP1)

Measuring Climate Change Perception in India and France (M2C) (call for projects 2014) 

Project leader: Alexandra Schleyer-Lindenmann (ESPACE) + GREQAM

Circulations of Norms and Actor Networks in Global Environmental Governance (call for projects 2013) 

Project leaders: Sandrine Maljean-Dubois (DPCIDE), Sylvie Thoron (GREQAM)

Liquefaction risk assessment of embankment dikes in lower Rhône valley (call for projects 2013) 

Project leader: Claudio Carvajal (IRSTEA) 
(also WP1)

Human Factors of Vulnerability to Forest Fires in Mediterranean Wildland/Urban Interfaces: An interdisciplinary approach (call for projects 2013) 

Project leader: Eric Maillé (IRSTEA) 
(also WP1)

Finished PhD & Postdocs


Designing alternative regional scenarios for land-use and agricultural innovative management and biodiversity conservation (SIMBIOSE) (started in 2014) 

PhD student: Mathilde Hervé 
Supervisors: Thierry Tatoni (IMBE), Cécile Albert (IMBE), Marie Jacqué (LPED) + ECODEV, GREQAM, IRSTEA


The onset of Corsican cultural landscapes in the Aleria Plain (Corsica). Integrated palaeoenvironmental approach (started in 2014) 

Postdoctoral fellow: Andres Curras 
Supervisor: Matthieu Ghilardi (CEREGE)


Adaptation of Mediterranean EcoNOmies of Past to Hydroclimatic changeS (AMENOPHYS) (started in 2014) 

Postdoctoral fellow: Daniel Contreras 
Supervisor: Alan Kirman (GREQAM) + CEREGE + IMBE