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J. Guiot is Distinguished Research Fellow (directeur de recherche de classe exceptionnelle) of CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research). He obtained his Master in Physical Sciences (in 1978) at the University of Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium and his Ph.D. degree (in 1981) in palaeoclimatology at the same university (supervision A. Berger). He obtained a postdoctoral fellowship Pierre and Marie Curie (European Union) in University of Marseille (1983-1984) followed by another post-doctoral fellowship of NSERC (Canada) in the Canadian Climatic Center of Environment Canada in Toronto (1984-1985). He became junior researcher with a permanent position of CNRS in the Laboratory of Historical Botany of Marseille (a part of the present IMBE) in 1985. He moved to CEREGE in 2000. He started his career as physicist, then worked with ecologists and now with geoscientists. He has then a great experience with interdisciplinarity. His research has been devoted to develop mathematical methods for dealing with biological indicators of climate change (pollen, tree rings). He showed in 1989 how the climate evolved over the last 140 000 years in our region as a result of changes in Earth’s orbit (his first Nature’s paper). His involvement in the creation of international databases bringing together European and African pollen data enabled him, with his colleagues to map past climate and to test how robust were climate models to simulate climates very different from the present one. His current research focuses in particular on climate variability of the last ten thousand years in Africa, Europe and the Mediterranean basin and the impact of climate change on Mediterranean vegetation. He was also heavily involved in the training of researchers in statistical methods from software he developed for his discipline.

He published 150 papers in refereed international journals. Among them, 80 papers were published with 25 PhD students or post-docs, and 65 papers with non-French co-authors. All his 16 PhD students, except three, have pursued a good career in science. He has published six papers in “Nature” or PNAS. His most cited paper (Nature 1989) has been cited 265 times. His h-factor is 43 and his total number of citations is more than 6000. On the last 10 years, he published 65 papers, with an h-factor of 20 and a total number of citations of 1460.

J. Guiot has experience in leading research structures and scientific committees, both at the local and national level, both at the disciplinary and interdisciplinary level. He was responsible of the team Continental and Marine Ecosystems of CEREGE (2000-2011) and in 2012 has launched a new transversal team of CEREGE devoted to modeling. He is director of the interdisciplinary federation ECCOREV that he launched. He was member of the scientific council of the University P. Cézanne (2007-2011). He was president of the scientific council of the French CNRS/INSU program, funding the research on the global change, called EVE (2006-2009). He is president of the CNRS interdisciplinary committee in charge of interdisciplinary researches on environment, health and sustainable development (called CID 45). He is member of the editorial board of the electronic Journal Climate of the Past. He is very active in this task and this journal, where data and model people publish more and more, is becoming a major journal of the discipline.

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