TWP1.3. Oak Observatory in Observatoire de Haute Provence (O3HP)

The O3HP is a good example of interdisciplinary collaboration, involving ecologists and astronomers. In this case, research in ecology has taken advantage of the technological know-how of the astronomy team and has benefitted from the preservation of the OHP site over the past 60 years (Saint-Michel l’Observatoire) to develop a platform dedicated to the observation of the phenology and physiology of the white oak, which is an indicator species for the impact of current climate change on Mediterranean vegetation. The experimental device, inaugurated in the spring of 2010, is in full development and will soon be completed by a tower enabling the measurement of greenhouse gases in the context of the international ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observatory System) network (submitted equipex GHG-OS). In addition to welcoming researchers through international collaborations, the O3HP also has the mandate to inform the wider public of the effects of global warming on Mediterranean forests.