Main TWP1 results

TWP1 The observation systems and databases

Marseille is used as a case study to analyse the urban environment in the context of sustainable development, environmental issues and climate change (“Big City” project). The goal is to publish a “white book”. This project will take advantage of numerous existing observation systems, so is tightly linked with TWP1 of OT-Med. The project is now extended to other cities of the Mediterranean coast (Alger, Malaga, Tanger, Tunis and Istanbul) thanks to a networking project funded by A*MIDEX (MC3, 350k€). The idea is to share the experiences of the Mediterranean Big Cities in mitigating and adapting to climate change. Another deliverable of TWP1 is the web-based metadata catalog, which was released in April 2014:

Finally, there is also a project to create a local network of CO2 Observatories. Interactions between land, sea and atmosphere in the carbon cycle will be studied along a gradient of measurement stations from the sea to the Alps. One of the nodes of the network is the ICOS station, situated in the Alps (O3HP, Saint-Michel l’Observatoire) and co-funded by the European Funds of Regional Development (FEDER). The project relies both on modelling and observational methods, both bringing independent information that can be inter-compared. It will help in assessing the impact of urban CO2 emissions on atmospheric CO2 in the PACA region.