Outlining the “battleground of the Titans”

Outlining the “battleground of the Titans”: assessing the impact of the Minoan volcanic eruption of Santorini, Aegean, on the Bronze Age civilizations of the Eastern Mediterranean through state-of-the-art geochronological techniques

Project description: 
The Minoan eruption of the volcano of Santorini, which occurred in around the 17th Century BC, not only shuddered the status quo of the thalassocratic Minoan empire but also modified the paleotopography of the most prominent volcanic landform on the island: the caldera. Volcanic landforms interact with comic rays and generate through nuclear reactions in situ comogenic nuclides (notably 36Cl, 10Be and 26Al) which accumulate proportionally to the exposure duration. The concentration of in situ cosmogenic nuclides is sensitive to topographic changes. Modeling the production of cosmogenic nuclides in surface rocks may enable the decipherment of geomorphic changes induced by the Minoan eruption in the volcanic terrain of Santorini. Having taken into account the magnitude of morphological changes on Santorini, attempts will be made to assess the impact of the Minoan eruption on the vital space of the Minoan civilization.