Invited lectures

In order to facilitate interdisciplinary exchanges among researchers,
scientists from different fields linked to OT-Med themes are regularly invited to give lectures.


Robert Wagner
"Geochemical and Microbial Controls on Methane Emissions from Arctic Soils"

 University of California (USA)
13 July 2016

Dr Michel Loreau
"Biodiversity and stability of ecological systems: A new look at an old debate"
Centre for Biodiversity Theory and Modelling, Moulis (France)
28 April 2016

Prof. Sander van der Leeuw
"Human co-evolution: Complex Systems, Innovation and Sustainability" 

Arizona State University (USA)
17 March 2016

Dr Pierre Mazzega 
"La modélisation du droit et des politiques publiques. Fouille de textes, information et graphes" 
Géosciences Environnement, Toulouse (UMR5563, CNRS/IRD/Univ.)
25 February 2016


 Dr Elodie Briche 
"Climate variability and change impacts on viticulture: between observations and models. The cases studies of the vineyards of Champagne and Argentina" 
LPED (Population-Environment-Development Laboratory), AMU/IRD, 20 November 2015

 Dr Jeffrey W. Krause 
"Laboratory and Field Assessment of Silicon uptake and Accumulation in Picocyanobacteria" 
Dauphin Island Sea Lab (Dauphin Island, Alabama, United States), University of South Alabama (United States) 
1 October 2015

 Pr Benjamin Peter Horton 
"Sea-Level Variability Over the Common Era"
Rutgers University (USA) 
9 April 2015

 Pr Iain Colin Prentice 
"Plant economics drive Earth system processes: a new paradigm for modelling environmental change" 
Imperial College London 
1 April 2015

 Dr Christoph Müller
"Modeling agriculture under global change" 
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK, Germany) 
10 February 2015


 Dr Ricardo Trigo
"Climate change and extreme events in the Mediterranean"

 Centro de Geofisica, University of Lisboa, Portugal
 27-28 November 2014, OT-Med Progress Meeting

 Pr Sander Van Der Leeuw
"Studying the past to better anticipate the future: how to co-construct a common interdisciplinary view"
 Global Institute of Sustainability, Arizona, US
27-28 November 2014, OT-Med Progress Meeting

 Dr Enrique Martinez 
"Seaweeds and Quinoa crop: opportunities for sustainable development issues under climate change challenges"
CEAZA (Chile)
15 May 2014

 Pr Ari Matmon
"Timing of landscape development along the margins of the Dead Sea fault"
Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel) 
4 April 2014

 Pr Eduard Reinhardt
"Tsunamigenic destruction of Herod the Great’s harbor at Caesarea, Israel - new evidence"
McMaster University (Canada)
21 March 2014

 Pr Peter Fulé
"Impact of climate change on futur forest fires"

Northern Arizona University (School of Forestry)
 3 March 2014

 Pr Robert Axtell 
"From the Anasazi and Rapa Nui to Change on a Global Scale: Metaphors, Models and Machines"

George Mason University (Virginia, USA)
19 February 2014



 Dr Hamed Ben Dhia
"Water and Energy sources challenges for the south Mediterranean region, Tunisia as example"
University of Sfax, Tunisia, 4-6 December 2013, OT-Med Progress Meeting

 Dr Louis Legendre
"The Mediterranean Sea: An alternative ocean?"
 Laboratoire d’oceanographie de Villefranche, France 
4-6 December 2013, OT-Med Progress Meeting

 Dr Daniela Pantosti
"The geological signature of earthquakes of the past"
Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Rome, Italie
4-6 December 2013, OT-Med Progress Meeting

 Dr Amara Masrouhi
"Tectonique salifère: exemples du Maghreb à la la Provence"
University of Gabès, Tunisia
16 December 2013

 Pr Meng Zhou
"Adventure in Kerguelen Plateau, southern Indian Ocean: Revealing circulation, upwelling and settling of particulate organic matter"
University of Massachusetts, Boston
13December 2013

 Dr Amara Masrouhi
"Dynamics of salt tectonics in inverted passive margins, natural examples and geological models"

University of Gabès, Tunisia
11 October 2013

 Dr Prof. Andrey Ostrovsky
University of Vienna in Austria and St. Petersburg State University in Russia
"Diversity of the life cycles and reproductive patterns in marine Bryozoa", 12 September 2013
"Upper Cretaceous radiation of cheilostome bryozoans and its ecological background", 26 September 2013

Dr Berta Martín-López
"Integrated assessment of ecosystem services: dealing with complexity of social-ecological systems"

Social-Ecological Systems Laboratory, Department of Ecology, Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain
19 September 2013

 Pr Jed Kaplan
"From forest to farmland and meadow to metropolis: What role for humans in explaining the enigma of Holocene CO2 and methane concentrations?"
University of Geneva, Switzerland (ARVE Group, Institute for Environmental Sciences), 13 September 2013

 Pr Geoffrey M. Heal
"Uncertainty and decision in climate change economics"
Columbia University
10 June 2013

 Pr Walter Oechel
"The effects of climate change: elevated CO2, climate variability, and fire, on the functioning and atmospheric feedbacks of the chaparral of Southern California and the desert of Baja California, Mexico"
Global Change Research Group at the San Diego State University, 6 February 2013


Pr Peter de Menocal
"Cultural Responses to Climate Change: Taking a long view"
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, NY 
17 December 2012, Opening Conference of OT-Med

Pr Roger Guesnerie
"Les économistes face aux enjeux climatiques"
Collège de France
17 December 2012, Opening Conference of OT-Med


Dr Montserrat Vilà
​ "Impacts of biological invasions" 
Estacion Biologica de Donana, Sevilla, Spain
17 December 2012, Opening Conference of OT-Med

Dr Peter Verburg
"Land change: global change in local places"
Amsterdam Global Change Institute, The Netherlands
17 December 2012, Opening Conference of OT-Med