Deadline: 6 March 2017, 8 a.m.

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The project OT-Med is a « labex » funded by the French national programme « Investissements d’Avenir » for the period 2012-2019 (http://www.otmed.fr). OT-Med has as its objective to study the impacts of environmental change (climate, land use etc.) on ecosystem resources and services, as well as on human society in the Mediterranean Basin. OT-Med intends to create synergies between its participating scientists at all levels. This is being achieved by organising interdisciplinary exchanges in research and education, by promoting interdisciplinary research projects, through an ambitious policy for hosting visiting researchers, postdocs and PhD fellowships, and exchanges with Southern countries, by organising international symposia, summer schools and workshops, by organising scientific, technical and socio-economic databases resulting from research, for both scientists and stakeholders etc.


This OT-Med call for projects covers support to scientific events, to mobility and to small scientific collaborative projects (without salary). It is important to underline that no more call for scientific projects with PhD and postdoctoral fellowships will be launched by OT-Med.

This call is intended to encourage collaboration between member laboratories of OT-Med and to boost the excellence of their interdisciplinary research and to increase the international impact of scientific events and collaborations. Proposals involving Southern countries and member institutes of the Mediterranean Earth Systems Analysis Network (MESAN, http://www.otmed.fr/towards-creation-themediterranean-earth-systems-analysis-network-mesan-ot-med-meeting-30-nov-1-dec) are particularly welcome.


A total amount of 100 K€ is available for this call. The funding amount that can be requested is not limited a priori but the demand must be compatible with the amount of money available for this call. The OT-Med executive committee may decide to establish the maximum funding, which may be attributed to one proposal, depending on the number and quality of the requests received. It is very important to specify the co-funding already obtained or requested.

Support to (co-)organization of scientific events (summer schools, conferences, workshops)

  • The main organiser must be a member of one of the OT-Med laboratories.
  • This call is intended to support international events, occurring after 1st June 2017, in which local students and scientists are given the opportunity to interact with high-level scientists from various countries and particularly Mediterranean countries.
  • It is essential for these events that the organiser invites a number of distinguished speakers in order to attract a sufficient number of participants; a few fellowships must be reserved to young scientists from developing Mediterranean countries.
  • Summer schools are intended to train young scientists in cutting edge research concepts or techniques related to OT-Med's scientific domains. Workshops are intended to gather around a table the best specialists in a given topic within the scientific areas of OT-Med and to carry out collaborative work (data syntheses, reviews, model development ...). OT-Med funding can be used as a complement for a conference budget in preparation or for setting up a new conference. In any case, the event must be of an outstanding level and must match the OT-Med priorities.
  • The OT-Med committee may propose some key speakers, corresponding to the international collaborations that it is developing.
  • Cross-initiatives between labex are also appreciated.

Support to mobility

  • Outgoing fellowship: This call intends to help any scientist active in OT-Med to make short visits in a foreign institution to develop scientific collaborations in relation with the OT-Med research themes (http://www.otmed.fr). The visited laboratory can be in other Mediterranean countries or elsewhere, under the condition that the research is directly connected with the Mediterranean. We will support short visits of one to eight weeks. Outcome of these fellowships should be a written project to be submitted to an external research agency or a scientific paper. A plan for this must be developed in the proposal.
  • Ingoing fellowship: As for outgoing fellowship, there is also a possibility of funding short visits of scientists from abroad to initiate or develop collaboration with a research team member of OT-Med.

Note: OT-Med wants to help young scientist to attend to international conferences where they will have the opportunity to present their results as oral talk or posters. This is limited to one support per year and per person. Cofunding by the team where the scientist works is particularly welcome. This type of application is not covered by this call. Applications can be made directly to the director of OT-Med at any time but with a sufficient delay before the event (two months minimum). The decision will be made with consideration of available funds and the pertinence of the planned conference for OT-Med. If granted, OT-Med support must be made clearly visible on the poster or in the oral contribution.

Internal call for small collaborative scientific projects

  • Only scientific projects coherent with OT-Med objectives and research themes are eligible (http://www.otmed.fr/research).
  • All projects must be interdisciplinary.
  • The planned research must be carried out within at least two member laboratories of OT-Med (see web site) or within one OT-Med member laboratory associated with one member laboratory of ECCOREV. If this condition is satisfied other laboratories and private enterprises are also welcome.
  • A project may include costs for research expenses and small equipment (no PhD and postdoctoral fellowships or ‘technicians' or engineers' salaries).
  • Two OT-Med engineers may be included in the project to help with database and modeling developments (in the limit of their availability).
  • Projects to initiate a future larger project (to be submitted to ANR, EU, region …) are particularly welcome, but the project may also be a part of a larger project for which co-funding is obtained or requested.


  • The proposal must be submitted by a scientist from OT-Med by email to the administrative director of OT-Med: "pekar (at) cerege.fr" until the 6th March 2017, at 8 am.
  • The proposal (single pdf file) must follow the form provided in the appendix.
  • The decision concerning funding will be taken by OT-Med Executive Board and workpackage leaders.
  • The results will be announced until mid-April 2017.
  • The selection criteria are: (1) the scientific excellence, innovative nature of the project and quality of the interdisciplinarity, (2) the robustness (feasibility) of the work plan, (3) the consistency between the project and the priorities of OT-Med, (4) the quality of the organization set up to support the project, including a realistic and coherent budget, (5) the academic excellence of the investigators.

Obligations of funding recipients

  • The recipient of funding of scientific project must submit a short research report at the end of the project, indicating (1) how the actual cost of the project was covered by the funds received, (2) how the objectives have been achieved, (3) the main output, in particular the papers published or submitted in relation with the project.
  • The recipient must acknowledge OT-Med as the funding source in all communications related to the project, in particular in publications and oral presentations. In the publications the following sentence should be used in the acknowledgements: “This research is a contribution to the Labex OT-Med (No ANR-11-LABX-0061) funded by the (Investissements d’Avenir) program of the French National Research Agency through the A*MIDEX project (No ANR-11-IDEX-0001-02).”
  • Concerning scientific events, the logo of OT-Med and ‘Investissements d’Avenir” must be present in all communications related to the event.