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Press release : Mediterranean Basin, a region affected by accelerating environmental change

Recent climate change has stronger impacts on the Mediterranean Basin than before, causing additional concerns in an environment also affected by other problems such as land use change (urbanization, intensified agriculture), pollution and declining biodiversity. A recent synthesis, published in Nature Climate Change by Wolfgang Cramer and colleagues, addresses future risks associated with these changes.

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Sortie du rapport spécial du GIEC sur le changement climatique global: étude du seuil de réchauffement de +1.5°C (SR1.5)

Les conclusions principales de ce rapport qui étudie l'importance d'un seuil de réchauffement à +1.5°C sont résumées.

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LudiCC : Une application mobile sur l'environnement face au changement climatique

Quel que soit votre niveau, jouez, testez et approfondissez vos connaissances sur l'environnement dans un contexte de changement climatique grâce à l'application LudiCC.

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Labex OT MED post-doctoral position

Post-doctoral position announcement : Effects of climate and socio-economic changes on ecosystem services provided by the Mediterranean region using an integrated terrestrial-marine model

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II Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology – Montpellier 2018

OT-Med researchers co-organised a symposium and presented their latest research at the II Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology, Montpellier,(France) August 19-22, 2018. This global scale event was organized by four European and American scientific societies and attended by over 2500 participants.

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