Four PhD scholarships have been attrbuted. A call for doctoral fellowships has been launched in end of April 2012 on the research themes of OT-Med. We have received 15 proposals. The final selection has been done by the DC the 29th June 2012 on the basis of scientific criteria of the subject, its quality to promote collaboration between laboratories and disciplines, its opening to the international and particularly Southern countries of Mediterranean and the quality of the Ph.D. applicant.

Selected projects:

1) Supervisor: Alberte Bondeau (IMBE): Modeling of Mediterranean agrosystems functionning. Analysis of scenarios for the future of the Mediterranean agriculture in a context of global change: the candidate retained is Simon Decock who did a Master degree in Jussieu/AgroParisTech.

2) Supervisors: Alan Kirman, Sylvie Thoron (GREQAM); Topic: Adaptation and reaction of societies to environmental change with particular reference to its impact on societies in the Mediterranean region. [the candidate selected has canceled]

3) Supervisors: Bernard Quéguiner (MIO), NM Daly-Yahian (U. Cartage); Topic: Observation of the plankton community structure in relation to the biogeochemical cycles in the Gulf of Lions and the pelagic ecosystems of North Tunisia (Bay of Bizerte and Gulf of Tunis): the candidate retained is Soumaya Boussabat who obtained her master degree in the faculty of sciences of Bizerte, Tunisia.

4) Supervisors: Ginette Saracco (CEREGE), Laurent Peyras (IRSTEA); Involved researchers: Patrice Meriaux (IRSTEA), Michel Vennetier (IRSTEA), Caroline Zanetti (Arbeausolutions); Topic Detection of woody roots growing in earth dikes using geophysical investigation: the candidate retained is Benjamin Mary.

Additional Project:

5) Ilja Reiter (ECCOREV), Joël Guiot (CEREGE): The ecophysiological basis of carbonyl sulphide (COS) gas exchange of plants with the atmosphere. [Replaces project 2]. The applicant selected is Alena Nosova, who is a Lomonosov Moscow State University graduate student.